ROCKU Yakiniku NEW Outlet at One Utama Shopping Centre


ROCKU Yakiniku is a casual, upbeat and edgy Yakuniku restaurant. They are now having a new outlet at One Utama Shoppong Center, Petaling Jaya. People from Selangor always want to visit this fabulous BBQ place but KL is always too far for me. (I'm from Petaling Jaya too) Now, we can enjoy the BBQ without heading to further place anymore.

I love the concept of their restaurant which is a traditional style of Japanese dining with modern entertainment, perfectly characterizing Japanese pop culture. The special thing from ROCKU is that we cook our food by using burning charcoal. The interesting thing is that the charcoal is strong enough to burn up to 100 minutes(the dining time once entry). So, you need to cook your food a little bit faster because you have only 100 minutes for the buffet, extra charges are needed if your dining time exceed 100 minutes.

One of the most attractive session is that there is live band performances that play modern and classic music with various genres such as Pop-Rock, Acoustic and Jazz. There are also singers performing songs on stage, I am shocked that the girl's singing is so amazing! If I visit ROCKU again, the reason for me to do so is probably because of her songs! I love her singing so much!

Their dining place is something different with other restaurants. It gives me some feel of I am having my BBQ meal in the pub. I pretty like the environment and enjoy my food with excitement.

Meat included are beef, lamb, pork, bacon and chicken. Seafood like scallop, prawns, butter fish, salmon, squid, mussel and shishamo are included as well. I like the big scallop with simple marination so much. The meat of the scallop is thick in size and easy to cook too.

A piece of mini menu list provided for us to order our preferred food. I have been told that drinks are not included in the buffet's offer. Thus, I order a glass of cold green tea, unfortunately, it's not refillable too. So, don't keep on asking for refilling your glass with green tea because they charge you on every glass you ordered.

ROCKU Yakiniku (1 Utama Shopping Centre Branch)
Address: Lot F355/356/357, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, First Floor, Rainforest 47800, Malaysia.
Contact Number: 03-7710 9884
Business Hour: 11.00am to 11.00pm (Daily)

Here comes to the buffet bar. There are more selection of food prepared at the buffet bar. See the photos below for the name of the food available.

Try out their sauce, they taste so good! I love spicy miso so much.

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