[CNY LOU SANG 2016] Yee Sang Set at New Paris Restaurant SS2, PJ


New Paris Restaurant has come out 3 different sets of CNY meal set. Each set has a Yee Sang included. The Yee Sang is not good as expected, should serve fresh yee sang for this.
Yee Sang
'Lou Sang' is the most interesting thing to do during Chinese New Year. Everyone get together and play with this. Yee Sang brings luck to everyone for the entire year.
Yee Sang

1. Dried Radish Steamed Patin 菜香河鱼王
Steamed fish is always the best dish for our meal, the meat of the fish is soft and smooth. It tastes better together with the broth itself.
Dried Radish Steamed Patin
2. Lemon Sauce Prawn with Cereal 嘻哈齐欢笑
The meaning of this dish is 'bring happiness to people'. Fried prawn coated with cereal is very tasty! However, it is a bit dry.
Lemon Sauce Prawn with Cereal
3. Signature Deep-fried Pork Knuckle 巴黎炸猪手
Pork knuckle is deeply fried. Dip it with the sauce served at the side, it would bring tastiness to you.
Signature Deep-fried Pork Knuckle
4. Two Combination 双星贺新春
This dish is probably combination of two dishes. Meaning to say that we get to taste out two different dish in this particular plate.
Two Combination
5. Shitake Mushroom Braised with Fish Maw and Dried Oyster 花菇豪团圆
This dish has the meaning of  'reunion'. It is cooked with oyster sauce, I love this so much. The fragrant of the mushroom makes it to be tasted perfectly.
Shitake Mushroom Braised with Fish Maw and Dried Oyster
6. Stir-fried Pumpkin, Almond Flake with Vegetarian 锦绣乐年年
Basically thinks that this dish still need to be improved. The combination of almond flake with vegetables gives me a bit weird on the taste. 
Stir-fried Pumpkin, Almond Flake with Vegetarian
7. Sweet Course Dessert 精美小甜点
Lastly, here comes the dessert to end our chinese new year meal. The dessert is too sweet, especially the brown color one, the taste is kinda weird.
Sweet Course Dessert

New Paris Restaurant SS2 新巴黎露天菜馆
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Contact Number: 03-7955 9180/0186
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