Twenty One Grams Cafe at PJ New Town


Twenty One Grams Cafe is a good place for chilling out. The ambiance is nice and comfortable. This place is always the favorite place for groups of people to chill out. Sometimes, people like to come and do their work at here alone. Wifi is provided, this definitely attracts more crowds to dine in. It is a walking distance from the popular Menara MBPJ.

You must be wondering why does the owner named the cafe as Twenty One Grams. The owner tells me that the name of the cafe comes from the meaning of  the weight to brew each cup of coffee.

Belgian Waffles with Dark Chocolate and Banana - RM17.95
Twenty One Grams Cafe is popular in their desserts. The desserts are the must try food in the cafe. Here comes the first dessert which I have tried, Belgian Waffles with Dark Chocolate and Banana. I love banana! The waffle tastes perfectly nice with the banana slices.
Dark Chocolate and Banana - RM17.95
Another dessert made from banana is Nutella & Banana Crepe. Banana is placed inside the crepe and topped with nutella. The sweet taste of the nutella mixed with the fragrance of banana are the perfect match. 
Nutella & Banana Crepe
Churros with Espresso Chocolate is the favorite dessert of my buddy. He is really in love with churros and indicates that the best churros he ate before was at Spain. It is crunchy and soft, best eat with the special chocolate espresso dip. It is just not enough for us thus I have ordered second plate of this mainly for myself.
Churros with Espresso Chocolate - RM17.95
Big breakfast is the common dish in western restaurant. The specialty of their big breakfast is the sausage which is freshly imported. 
Big Breakfast - RM23.95
The whole set of big breakfast comprises of scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, turkey ham, baked beans, potatoes, and slices of buttered toast.
Big Breakfast - RM23.95
Egg Benedict is another good dish to be recommended. It is coated with special sauce which makes the eggs taste better.
Eggs Benedict
The chef uses charcoal bun for this Classic Cheese Burger. The charcoal bun tastes like normal bun. The meat is well cooked and topped with sauces.
Classic Cheese Burger
Besides desserts, there are also several dishes served by Twenty One Grams Cafe. So, even when you do not feel like eating desserts when you visit here, you can always take a look on the menu.
Sriracha Chicken
Sriracha Chicken
Grilled Roasted Salmon
Squid Ink Spaghetti - RM29.95
Spaghetti Marinara - RM16.90
Buffalo Wings - RM23.95
Fire Grill Chicken - RM27.95
Mushroom Soup - RM16.95

Chocolate Drinks

Twenty One Grams Cafe
Address: 7, Jalan 52/16, PJ New Town, 46200 Petaling Jaya.
Contact Number: 03-7931 6407
Instagram: @twentyonegramsmy
Business Hours: 10.00am - 11.00pm (Tues to Sun) , Closed on Mondays.

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