Eminent Frog Porridge Seafood Restaurant at Geylang Lorong 19, Singapore (明辉田鸡粥)


Eminent frog porridge has become Singapore Geylang unique gourmet. If you are asking where is the best place to crave for eminent frog dishes, I would definitely recommend you to visit here. It is located at Geylang Lorong 19, walk along Lorong 19 then you will see this shop, it's kinda easy to spot. From Aljunied MRT Station, once you exit the scanner, turn left and walk straight till the end and turn right. Walk along the road to search for Lorong 19.
Buy 2 Free 1 for only SGD$16 offer is always there and it is really worth for it. The meat of the eminent frog is very fresh, obviously it is very well cleaned by the chef by observing the meat of the eminent frogs in the pot. I am going to introduce you few of the dishes I have tried out. It comes with different style of flavoring.

Best Seller Dishes
1) Frog with Dried Chilli (Gong Bao)
2) Frog with Spring Onion
3) Frog with Chicken Essence
4) Special Home-made Chilli Frog

Frog with Garlic & White Pepper 蒜蓉白胡椒田鸡
Two Free One for SGD$16
Four for SGD$22
It cooks with garlic and white pepper, thus it might be quite spicy due to the white pepper. Not to deny, the taste is really awesome. I eat this together with the porridge so it might slightly reduce the spiciness of the white pepper.

Frog with Dried Chilli (Gong Bao) 宫保田鸡
One for SGD$8
Two Free One for SGD$16
Four for SGD$22
This dish is cooked with dried chilli where in Chinese we call it as 'Gong Bao'. This is one of the best seller in the restaurant. Of course it is slightly spicy but I can't feel the spiciness because it is totally covered by the spiciness of the white pepper taste. The spiciness of the white pepper is higher compared to the dried chilli one.

Frog with Spring Onion 姜葱田鸡
One for SGD$8
Two Free One for SGD$16
Four for SGD$22
Finally, I got the non-spicy pot after all. This dish is cooked with spring onion, it is not spicy at all. If you couldn't take spicy, this could be the best choice for you.Anyway, I am still loving all the dishes as well because every one of them have their specialty.
Porridge is a MUST order dish to be eaten together with the frog meat. The porridge is plain and sesame oil is added on top of it. 
How to get start of the meal? Place the porridge into a small bowl, then scoop the soup onto the porridge. After that, stir it together with the porridge and eat. This is the way how you flavored your plain porridge.

Eminent Frog Porridge Seafood Restaurant 明辉田鸡粥
Address: 323, Geylang Road (Lorong 19), 389359 Singapore.
Business Hour: 5pm to 4am
GPS Coordinates: N1 18.760 E103 52.759

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