Halal Food at Segar Restaurant, Chinatown Point Singapore


It's quite hard to find a Halal restaurant in Singapore. Segar Restaurant is a Halal restaurant located at Chinatown Point, which serves Halal Chinese food. It is at the basement 2 of Chinatown Point which is not obviously spotted. During my first visit, I have ordered a 4-6 persons set meal at $78.80 excluding GST. There are five categories of dishes for selection.
Curry/Asam Fish Head
Curry/Asam Fish Head is the most impressed dish I could ever tried at here. It is cooked with fish head and vegetables. The curry and asam soup tastes very good! It is the perfect match to be eaten with plain rice.
Chicken with Dried Chili
Another good dish to try out is the Chicken with Dried Chili. It tastes quite spicy after all. After trying the curry/asam fish head, the spiciness of the chicken with dried chili has stimulated my taste bud. My tongue is getting really hot right now! haha..
Braised Bean curd
Braised bean curd is a nice vegetable dish to cool down my taste bud. The bean curd is very well cooked with meat, cabbages and broccoli. 
Sambal Sotong
I am having my seafood dish with Sambal Sotong. I usually have my favorite sotong in fried cooking style. Thus, I have ordered this dish where the sotong is fried with sambal. The sotong is covered with the sambal taste which makes it tastes even better.

Segar Restaurant is offering two sets for customer to make selection. If you are not visiting alone, you might probably choose in between two of these set menus.

Segar Restaurant
Address: China Point, B2-39/40/41, Singapore 059413 (Chinatown MRT).
Contact Number: +65 6444 1778
Business Hours: 11.30am - 9.30pm

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