Skin Check at Watson Malaysia City Square JB Outlet


I am currently working based in Singapore thus it is easy for me the reach Johor Bahru these days. There a newly opened Watson's new outlet at City Square JB where I am going to visit. It is located next to Guardian. I have made my appointment earlier with my professional make up specialist Alex from Watson's Skin Expert corner. I reach there at about 2pm to meet up Alex. He is busy serving a customer upon my arrival, thus I get myself to look around first.
Alex is finally free up to serve me. I have been seated on the make up table. It is so kind of him to prepare a mini fan for me to cool me up during his service later. He has brought out few products which he is going to use it on my face later on. I has my skin checked by Alex and he helps to fix my pimple on my forehead.

Let's get start on applying skin care on my face now! I am going to briefly explain step by step how he is going to start it.
1st Step: Pour the CREMORLAB Essence Tonic on a piece of cotton and then wipe off dirt from my face.

2nd Step: Apply Hydraluron moisture serum to boost my skin's moisture and helps to prevent moisture loss.

Hydraluron Moisture Serum is a fragrance-free gel in a tube which contains the powerful ingredient, hyaluronic acid. It is an excellent ingredient which can boost skin's moisture content and help to prevent moisture loss.

3rd Step: Apply Eysilix Total Eye Rescuer around my eyes.
Eysilix Total Eye Rescuer contains some good emollients to add moisture, antioxidants to repair skin and help to fight ongoing free-radical damage. I like this as it is fragrance-free.

4th Step: Apply Ciracle Pore Control Tightening Serum to tighten up the pore on my face.
Ciracle's Pore Control Tightening Serum helps you on gaining control over your pores on your face, reduces the amount of sebum secretion and oil production of the skin. It is very easy to use, you may just need to apply few droplets on your face after cleansing. No worries that this can be applied on your face several times during the day. And also, it can maximize anti-wrinkle effect after removing the blackheads. That's the most concern part for girls.

5th Step: Apply Vitamin C24 on my face.
Vitamin C24 is a combined serum and moisturizer formulated with 22% Vitamin C plus 2% of Hyaluronic microspheres.This could be my best choice to defense against environmental aggressors. It tends to build collagen on the skin, helps to reduce inflammation and skin discoloration.
Indeed's products are placed nicely on the rack in Watson. There are samples available for testing on the spot. If you find that it is hard for you to understand the products, you may look for any professional consultants to guide you. 
After applying skin care's products on my skin, going up next would be applying make up on my face. Alex is applying BB cream, concealer, powder, and lipsticks for me. He indicates that he would make my face looks smaller by applying eye-shadow and eyeliner to maximize my eyes. 

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