Beauty Collagen Hotpot at Tsukada Nojo, Singapore


I have been spotted this restaurant during my shopping hours and realized that it is somehow related to collagen with steamboat. Well, I got myself visiting to Tsukada Nojo to fix my satisfaction. There is quite a short queue once I reach here so I just need to queue for around 15 minutes to reach my turn.
Let's get to know about the history of Tsukada Nojo before the meal.
'Tsukada Nojo is located in Miyazaki prefecture, Kyushu Japan. It has the most historical and popular way of poultry raising. Miyazaki Jitokko known as the organic chicken is appreciated by everyone. We provide the best quality of golden collagen chicken stock, in a safety and natural environment."
What is the process of preparing collagen chicken stock?
"The stock is stewed more than 8 hours until the chicken bones are fully dissolved. Eventually, chicken stock turns into a smooth and silky collagen pudding. The BIJIN NABE is a combination of the freshest vegetables, seafood and chicken cooked in our Golden Collagen Chicken Stock. We ensure that collagen will be the key of your beautiful skin and health."
The collagen pudding is now ready to be served and placed on the cooking metal plate. It is then left to be melted. So you can take your time chit chatting while waiting for them to melt and boil. Don't worry, the staff will serve you with cooking. I notice that there are chicken hiding at the bottom part of the collagen pudding in the hotpot. After few minutes, it is finally boiling and the staff comes to serve everyone of us with a cup of the hot chicken collagen soup. He is then placed the pieces of chicken into every single bowls and distribute to us. The chicken looks really fresh and healthy, it's not that kind of smaller size weirdo chicken like what you have seen at other restaurants. 
Next, he starts to place the vegetables and meat into the hotpot.
He places everything into the pot, yes it's everything! And, they are placed so nicely on the hotpot which you could see from the picture below.
Mee is cooked at the very last session. The mee is served immediately right after you remind the staff as I have been told that the chef needs to cook the mee and we might need to place it into the pot upon the serving.
Slightly recommend you to order some side dishes to chew while waiting for the collagen pudding to melt.
Fried Chicken Wings - $8.50
Chicken Nanban: Egg Mayo on Fried Chicken - $8.50

While we ends our meal, this little cute plate comes to us with pieces of jelly. Their services are really superb which I could ever have.
Tsukada Nojo
Address: #02-37, Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road SGP 059413
Contact Number: +65 6444 8840
Operating Hours: 1130 - 1530 (lunch) , 1700 - 2200 (dinner)

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