Best Coconut Shake in town at GRAB IT, Utropolis Marketplace Shah Alam


GRAB IT offers soft serve, mantau and bento series. It is located at Utropolis Market Place, Shah Alam. It is actually placed inside the building of Utropolis, there is free parking at the basement so you can straightly head to the basement for car park. GRAB IT is a pretty nice place for me to grab my favorite coconut shake. They are currently offering the free delivery service to KDU. Do check it out on my blog here for more delicious cravings found in this shop!
1. Soft-serve
There are three flavors served in GRAB IT, coconut, matcha and chayen. Coconut soft serve is sweet enough and it tastes better together with ice blended coconut series. Matcha soft serve tastes quite good as the ingredient is imported thus the flavor is light and the texture is rich. Chayen soft serve tastes not too sweet and yet very refreshing. This is my first time having 'Thai milk tea' soft serve which I personally think that it has quite a good taste to satisfy me.
coconut - RM4.90
matcha  - RM5.90
chayen  - RM4.90

Chayen drinks - RM4.90

2. Drinks
There are three different series of drinks served such as Chayen series, Float series and Ice Blended series. If you are up for a plain drinks, you can choose to have chayen drinks or matcha drinks. Chayen drinks is exactly the same thing as Thai Milk Tea.
Chayen - RM4.90
Matcha - RM5.90

Float Coconut - RM9.90
In the super hot weather now, it is the best to consume cold drinks thus here we come to the ice blended series. I would highly recommended you to try their coconut ice blended drinks which I personally think that it is pretty much alike compared to the Melaka Klebang coconut shake. It tastes much nicer compared to the one in Melaka.
Chayen Ice Blended   - RM6.90
Match Ice Blended     - RM7.90
Coconut Ice Blended - RM7.90
There is another series which is to add on soft serve topping on the ice blended. I love this so much which the soft serve and the ice blended drinks make the perfect combination.
Float Chayen  - RM8.90
Float Matcha  - RM9.90
Float Coconut - RM9.90

Other than these, GRAB IT serves other drinks as well such as coffee, latte, long black, etc. So, you have pretty much choices to select during your visit to GRAB IT! That is a very nice place to chill with friends.
Latte (hot) - RM11.00

3. Mantau Meat Series
There ae not just drinks served at here but also food. The mantau meat series is their hot selling dish. The mantau itself is very soft and freshly made. You can make your selection to customize your own mantau as below.
Step 1: Select steam or fried Mantau.
Step 2: Select your choice of sauces: salted egg yolk or teriyaki.
Step 3: Select meat.
Fried Chicken - RM7.90
Grilled Chicken - RM7.90
Grilled Beef - RM9.90
Smoked Duck - RM10.90
Fried Chicken Mantau - RM7.90
Smoked Duck Mantau - RM10.90
Grilled Beef Mantau - RM9.90

4. Mantau Dipper Series
You can also eat the mantau in a different way like dipping with chayen, matcha or coconut pandan custard.
Step 1: Select steam or fried mantau.
Step 2: Select dipping sauce.
Chayen - RM5.90
Matcha - RM6.90
Coconut Pandan Custard - RM5.90

5. GRAB IT Bento Series
Want some rice? GRAB IT does offers the bento series in order to let customers to able to have more choices other than soft serve. Bento is prepared by Japonica rice, poached egg, Japanese cucumber, chives of sauces salted egg yolk or teriyaki. Their bento definitely have the good quality of taste which I feel like I am in a real Japanese restaurant.
Fried Chicken     - RM9.90
Grilled Chicken  - RM9.90
Grilled Beef       - RM11.90
Smoked Duck    - RM12.90
Salmon Sashimi - RM16.90
Fried Chicken Bento - RM9.90
Smoked Duck Bento - RM12.90
Address: G-A 3A, Utropolis Marketplace (Glenmarie), Jalan Kontraktor U1/14, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Contact Number: +60 14-635 7001

Visit them at

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