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Very honored to be invited to the "Six Coffee House " premiere . "Six Lane Cafe " from Taiwan's well-known writer of fiction Fujii tree . The actors are Cherry Ngan, Dong Zijian, Ouyang Nini, Austin Lin. It is said that online voting is elected "Most want to see the Chinese novel adapted into a movie " first. Thus, the "Six Coffee House" becomes a movie. 

Synopsis of the movie, please visit here.
Movie Language: 
Mandarin with English and Chinese subtitles

Running Time:
104 minutes

Cherry Ngan, Dong Zijian, Ouyang Nini, Austin Lin

Wu Ziyun

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《六弄咖啡馆》AT CAFE 6 主题曲 | 孫燕姿 : 半句再见
Movie Review:
It is a very touch love story where we get to know that we need to learn to grow up during our love journey. The movie has a very good story line which is really worth watching especially youngsters. Love might be very important to you in your life but growing is much more important.Don't forget to grow yourself up while you are falling in love ya. This movie teaches us a lesson on how important friendship is. You will want to protect your best buddies when they are in troubles. I would like to remind people out there on not to easily give up your precious life as you are being born into this world and you deserve to make your life colorful. Not to say much about the story of this movie, you might want to watch it yourself! =)

At Cafe 6  is released on 14 July 2016 in Malaysia.
Distributed by MM2 Entertainment Sdn Bhd.
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