8 Reasons To Get An Honor 8!


Reason 1: Honor 8 is the best fit for me as a Lifestyle Blogger! I blog everyday.
I need to snap photos, 
record videos, 
edit photos, 
edit videos, 
post photos to social media,
get in touch with clients,
Without Honor 8, I couldn't complete all my daily tasks perfectly. I believe Honor 8 can bring up my image as a professional blogger. So, Honor 8 is just great for me! 

Reason 2: Its camera is the second reason for me to get an Honor 8! The function of camera has become the main requirement for me on choosing a mobile smartphone which suits me.
I need high quality pictures!  ★ Dual 12MP lenses camera.
I need a bright picture! ★ Its dual 12MP lenses ables to capture more light to produce coloured pictures.
I need to customize my picture on the spot!  Its wide aperture effects for image customization. Reset focus after taking photo.
I need to apply my watermark on my picture taken!  Its watermark function to apply watermark during photo capturing.

Reason 3: The super long lasting battery which I can push my power-banks away.
Phone's battery has become the main point to frustrate me. I definitely have a very high usage on my mobile smartphone because I use my mobile smartphone at everywhere and anytime especially a whole day out from home. Honor 8's super long lasting battery solves my problem! I have no reason now to prepare lots of power-banks in my hand bag whenever I'm out from home. So how could I resist myself not to get an Honor 8 fo myself?

Reason 4: 'DRAW' on the screen to open app! That's miracle, isn't? 
I use to download any apps in my phone as I need them in my daily life. And, it has become a big trouble for me when I urgently need to open the app on my phone. Honor 8 has super great function where I can just place my finger on the screen and draw specific lines to turn on the specific app in just a few second.

Reason 5: Auto brightness function is super great on Honor 8!
When I am out from home and under the bright sun, I am always having problem on viewing the screen of the phone. As I always need to manually adjust the brightness of my current phone to the suitable level of brightness to ease my eye viewing. It is actually quite annoying that I always have adjust the brightness manually whenever I go to any different places. So, Honor 8 can definitely solve my big problem! Its auto brightness adjustment is one of my favorite function on smartphone. 

Reason 6: Unlock phone in just 0.4 seconds!
NO MORE pressing button!
NO MORE keying password to unlock!
The incredible unlocking speed is very impressive! How to unlock Honor 8? All you need to do is just to place your finger on the fingerprint scanner which is located at the back of the phone. The position of the fingerprint scanner is at a very suitable area while holding the phone.

Reason 7: 'Knock' 'Knock' to capture screenshot! No more old school style screenshot.
NO MORE pressing button here and there to screenshot!
NO MORE swipe here and there to screenshot!

Reason 8: Capability of fast charging to save up time!
"Charge faster please..................................."
Do you want to get your phone charged faster? Choose Honor 8! Honor 8 comes with a super fast charger which provides fast charging function which is impressive enough for me to choose Honor 8.

Don't wait! Honor 8 is now available in Lazada! Click here to shop!
Lazada's My Cybersale is happening on 26 - 30 Sept. Check it out!

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