My collaboration with theCovets is getting started!


I am so excited to announce my collaboration with theCovets -- Malaysia's first beauty platform! The Covets began with the quest of providing inspirational beauty to women who walk and breathe beauty. 

The Covets is a brand new beauty portal which help the beauty brands to promote their products through the sharing from bloggers or influencers. It is actually a very beneficial portal for people to grab the beauty information so that we can grow and life a better lifestyle. Sharing is caring, so the Covets acts as an important role to spread the information to others.

As for now, there are quite a number of beauty related articles available in the website. I found that they are so much interesting and really useful for me to take care of my skin and body.
Stay tuned for it very soon! 
You can find more about theCovets through:
Instagram: @the.covets

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