My Pretty OtterBox Swarovski Crystal Edition Case for iPhone 7


iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus users please look at here! OtterBox has launched a new symmetry series features Swarovski crystals, adding luxe to your new Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus. I have known this brand years ago and i am amazed with their beautiful covers. Recently, I am attracted by their new design which comes with glittering Swarovski crystals on the cover.
You must be thinking that it is just like normal covers which have glittery effect on the cover. No, you are wrong if you think of this way. This symmetry series crystal edition is crafted with genuine Swarovski crystals fabric to offer exceptional brilliance. I can feel it by touching the back of the cover.
I fit it onto iPhone 7 and it fixes just well. The glittery purple surface is really gorgeous and it is comfortable to hold on my hand.
See how pretty and well-produced the cover is. 
The new symmetry series crystal edition cover comes together with Alpha Glass - OtterBox's ultra-thin fortified glass screen's natural beauty and responsiveness.

Symmetry Series Crystal Edition is available in three colors - Black Ombre Crystal, Blue Ombre Crystal and Fractal Crystal. The price for the iPhone 7 cover is RM419.00 the price for iPhone 7 Plus is RM499.00.

So if you are keen to buy one, you can order online at

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