Fugu Seasons at Ishin Japanese Dining, Old Klang Road KL


Ishin Japanese Dining is one of the well-known Japanese dining spot which is located at Old Klang road, Kuala Lumpur. It has been operated for six years and Ishin offers various kind of Japanese cuisines. I am impressed with its concept of having various levels of food served depend on your budgets. So, I would say that Ishin offers a great dining experience for customers where 'Everyone can eat Japanese food'!

There is an unique sushi round bar at the ground floor with available seats where customers can witness the process of making sushi by the chef. That's really a great experience thou!

5 Kinds of Appetizer
Appetizer is served at the beginning of the meal. It consists of Anago Yohatamaki, Kuri KinTon, Datemaki, Ishito Tadukuri, Fruit tomato. They are just nice to appetite my stomach before the main dish is served.

 Kaminabe Soup
Kaminabe soup is a kind of fugu soup which is cooking in a paper pot. The fugu is being cooked together with vegetables and tofu inside a paper pot on the table. It is quite unique to see the paper is heated on the fire but yet it is not burned. Enjoying the food heated on the paper pot is pretty cool thing to do at Ishin.
After having a hot soup, here comes the sashimi of Houbo (Sea Robin) Uzukuri with sonzu sauce. I would say that the sashimi is fresh and the meat is soft and smooth. Dip the sashimi with some sonzu sauce and eat would be the perfect one ever.
Fugu is marinated with yuzu sauce and deep fried to crispiness. Heard that Fugu is a type of fish which needs a very good skill of chef to prepare it to become a wonderful dish. Thus, the chef from Ishin is very profesional enough to get this dish well-prepared. This is my favorite dish of the day! The meat of the fried fugu is yet still soft at inside and crispy at outside. 
This is known as Fugu Yanagawa where fugu is being showering with eggs on the top of it. It would be another perfect dish of fugu after all.
 Four Seasons Sushi
Four Seasons Sushi come with duck liver, caviar, uni and taro. I am quite enjoying with the colorful rice balls, each of the sushi have a different colors of rice balls with different kinds of topping on it. That's a creative one to present the sushi in an exciting way.
Muskmelon is one of the Japanese seasonal fresh fruits and it is also a must try food if it is available at Ishin. The muskmelon is very soft on its inner part and it is full of watery when you place it inside your mouth.

*Valet parking is avaiable at the restaurant and there will be having people guarding at the area. If you couldn't get a parking during your visit, don't worry and look for a guy sitting outside the restaurant.

Ishin Japanese Dining
Address: 202, Persiaran Klang, Batu 3 3/4, Off Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Number: +603-7890 8228 (call for reservation)
Operating Hours:
(Mon - Sun)
Lunch - 12pm to 2.45pm
Dinner - 6pm to 9.45pm

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