Delicious Assorted Seafood Pot with Classic Sauce at Simmer Huang, Pavilion Elite, KL


Main Pot (百年焖锅) 
The Main Pot is served with all the ingredients in the container at the very first stage. The sauces are also been prepared and placed on a moving tray to our seats. Then, the staff will do the cooking for us on our table. So, we are actually having fun on watching the cooking process.
 You must be exciting to know how the main pot is being served from the beginning to the end. Let me explain to you on the steps of how to order and so on. There are few choices which you may need to decide upon ordering.

Step 1: Choose the main ingredients
Fresh Fish | Chicken | Frog | Assorted Seafood | Pork | Australian Beef
(price range to be from RM90-RM150/pot)

Step 2: Choose the sauce
Classic 招牌咸鲜汁 | Seafood 海鲜汁 | Spicy 微麻辣汁 | Hot and Spicy 特麻辣汁 | Soy 豉皇汁

*Step 1 and Step 2 are to be done by customers. And, the following steps are to be done by the serving staff. 

Step 3: The pot is heated up with this piece of buttery oil on it. 
(The staff to place it into the pot)
Step 4: Once the buttery oil is heated up well, we have been told that there are 10 types of vegetables added into the pot to act as base. 
They are then being heated up under high heat without adding water. This is the impressive part where you will see the vegetables are not heated until dried because once the vegetables are heated up, the juiciness will be formed from this.
 Step 5: Once heated up for few minutes, the seafood is then placed on top of the boiled vegetables.
 Step 6: Lastly, the sauce is drizzled over the pot on top of the seafood and this is the time where the flavoring comes from. 
(do enjoy the stirring of the sauce by the staff)
 The pot is cooked with a traditional method where all the ingredients and sauce are being heated inside a hot pot without using a drop of water. This simmer cooking process tends to lock the nutrition of the food inside the pot itself.
It is then ready to be consumed after 10 to 15 minutes heating. There is a second way to eat this hot pot that is, request to add on clear chicken soup into the pot and wait until it boils. However, try the hot pot to taste its original taste before adding the soup. Both dry and soup base have different kind of tastes which you might not want to miss it.

Simmer Huang
Address: Lot 8.101.00, Level 8, Pavilion Elite, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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