Craving for Ipoh Street Food at Ipoh Market Street, Avenue K


Missing on Ipoh Street food? No worries, you can find them all at Ipoh Market Street Restaurant which is located at Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. You can fix your craving on Ipoh food without heading to Ipoh anymore. It is quite exhausted and tiring about the long journey heading down to Ipoh for the delicious food. Ipoh Market Street serves almost all kinds of Ipoh food where you probably can eat it whenever you want in KL city now.

Ipoh Kaya Puff
- RM7.50 for 6pcs
- RM4.20 for 3pcs
- RM1.50 for 1pcs
This Ipoh Kaya Puff is freshly baked with its flat skin. It is soft in every bites and the Kaya inside tastes so good. Having this together with a cup of Ipoh White Coffee is just so nice!

Ipoh White Coffee - RM3.50
Market Street Jaya Butter Toast - RM4.90
Ipoh Street Market can be one of the best place to have your simple breakfast afternoon tea break with a cup of hot Ipoh white coffee and pieces of butter toast.

Market Street Roast Pork Rice - RM12.90
Apparently, there are more pieces of roast pork meat on the plate compared to the outside one. The meat is soft and easy to chew, it's really a nice one to have this at Ipoh Street Market.

Market Street Chicken Rice - RM12.90
We kNow that chicken rice is the most popular food at Ipoh and it has become a must eat food whenever you visit Ipoh. The chicken is cut into pieces and placed nicely on the place.

Nasi Lemak With Rendang Chicken - RM13.90
Nasi Lemak with Rendang chicken is a traditional Malay Cuisine in Malaysia. This tastes good with its delicious Rendang chicken. As you can see that the whole leg of the Rendang chicken is quite a big size, thus worth the price.

Market Street Curry Mee -RM11.90
Love curry mee? This could be the best choice for you!

Market Street Prawn Noodles - RM11.90
Prawn noodles is my favorite dish among all! The soup is rich with prawn paste, sweet and delicious.

Rice Noodles Roll with Curry Pork Skin - RM6.90

Market Street Squid Ball - RM3.50
Market Street Sweet Potato Dessert - RM3.50

Ipoh Pulut Kaya - RM5.90
Pulut in purple color, quite a pretty one! Dip the pulut with Jaya, tasty ever.

Ipoh Caramel Custard Egg - RM4.80

Wan Tou Long Jelly Ice - RM4.90
It is so refreshing with its sweetness and sour flavour. Best to have during hot weather.

Ipoh Bercham Tau Fu Fah - RM3.50
The tau fu fah is fresh and served hot. It is smooth and tastes delicious. It is available in brown sugar and white sugar.


Ipoh Market Street
Address: Lot No: UC-3, Avenue K Shopping Mall, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Contact Number: +603- 2181 2623
Business Hours: 8am to 10pm (daily)

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