Korean G9 Skin First Lipsticks (5 Colors)


 I'm very addicted to lipsticks collection recently. And here comes the G9 Skin 'First Lipsticks' to add into my lipsticks collection. It is a Korean beauty brand. The colors are so pretty and I'm going to experience them in a week straight. Playing around with the colorful lipsticks could make my day a nice day.
 The 'First Lipstick' series come with 8 vivid color options with can be paired with different make up look. G9 Skin lipsticks come with 5 sweet colors which are gorgeous enough to make you look pretty all day long.
I am having the 5 colors of G9 Skin Lipsticks. I'm getting so excited to swatch them on my skin.
#1. Peach Brown
#2. Vintage Red
#3. Dry Rose
#4. Dazzling Pink
#5. Midnight Red

One of the reason why I love these products because it makes with moisturized ingredients. The moisturizing ingredients inside 'First Lipstick' are:
A. Shea Butter ▶ moisturizing effects
B. Tocopheryl Acetate ▶ Nourishing effects

How to apply it?
Normally I will apply a lip moisturizer cream first before applying the lipsticks. But for G9 Skin 'First Lipstick', it is actually moisture enough to be direct applied on my lips. Thus, I have skipped my lip moisturising step.

#1. Peach Brown
When I'm feeling not to be so fancy, I will go for this color. The color texture is light.

#2. Vintage Red
Want to look sexy but not to be obvious? I would prefer this.

I found that the lipsticks are:
★ easy to apply with its soft touch
★ very smooth texture
★ not really sticky after applied
★ quite long lasting

I'm pretty sure you have been attracted by this amazing series of lipsticks by G9 Skin. You may grab more information from the links below:
Official Website: www.g9skin.com
Instagram: @g9skin_malaysia

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