My Skin Turns White with G9 Skin White In Whipping Cream


If you have followed my blogs often, you will be noticing that I'm quite interested into beauty products recently. Yea, girls must keep and maintain our beauty. So, I have been trying out several different products to fix my skin. And now, G9 Skin has come to me. G9 Skin is a beauty brand from Korea which is now available in Malaysia market.

Product: White in Whipping Cream
The Benefits are:
✔Tone-Up effect
✔Whitening effect
✔Long lasting effect
It is in white color with matte finished container which is very handy. The uniqueness of the packaging attracts me the most.
It's soft and not oily. I feel like putting on powder when I whip it on my face. That's so amazing.
It's named as G9 is likely because of the 9 ingredients that formulate with anti-city pollution skincare concept. The ingredients actually help to purify and protect the skin to become a clean and healthy skin.

9 ingredients are:
Lotus extract, Ivy extract, Eucalyptus extract, Hibiscus extract, Chlorella extract, Pine Sprout extract, Oregano Leaf extract, Green Tea extract and Chia Seed extract
I have a slightly dark skin and I always want to look for some sort of products which can whitening my skin so that my skin looks fairer after that. Firstly, I test it out on my hand. After Whipping evenly on my hand, it does look fairer. (see the red arrow)
Well, it seems to be not so obvious on my previous testing on hand. I have whipped it on the left side of my face. Do you see the difference between Before and After part? It looks fairer and brightened up my face skin.
I love the cream as I can actually easily apply it and then go out at night. The cream with a nice lipstick will do to give me a fresh looking appearance for my short date.
Simple & Easy!

You may visit their official websites for more details:
Instagram: @g9skin_malaysia

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