New Lunch Menu at Sango Japanese Restaurant PJ


If you are looking for affordable Japanese meal for lunch, look no further than Sango Japanese Restaurant. It is located at Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya. Recently they are offering lunch set menu which come with a bowl of soup of the day and one scoop of homemade Sango ice-cream. They are 9 different sets in total which you can select according to your preference.

1. Unagi Tamago Don RM25.90
Eel and Egg Bowl
I am a great Unagi fan and this set is definitely my favorite one. The rice bowl is topped with slices of unagi, tofu and green vegetables.

2. Salmon Teriyaki Ju RM22.90
Teriyaki Salmon Rice Box
The rice bowl is topped with 2 slices of salmon with teriyaki sauce and green vegetables. The salmon tastes so good with the teriyaki sauce.

3. Chicken Katsu Tamago Don RM15.90
Chicken Crumb and Egg Bowl
Looking for chicken rice bowl? There are few types of don with chicken for your selection. Chicken Katsu Tamgo Don could be one of your choices to fill up your empty stomach.

4. Chicken Teriyaki Don RM15.90
Sweet Teriyaki Sauce
Here comes the Chicken Teriyaki Don which is one of the common rice bowl dish in Japanese restaurant. The chicken is crunchy and the meat is soft, tastes good with the teriyaki sauce.

5. Chicken Katsu Curry Don RM18.90
Crispy Chicken Cutlet Bowl
I believe that Chicken Katsu Curry Don can fix your craving on curry. The curry sauce is tasted good especially when you mix together with rice and it is still hot upon serving. 

6. Gyu Don RM18.90
Slices Beef and Onion Tare Glaze
Gyu Don is served in such a beautiful appearance. It is decorated with flowers, makes the rice bowl looks attractive. The meat is soft and it is delicious!

7. Ten Don RM18.90
Prawn and Vegetables in Bowl
Ten Don comes with fried prawns and vegetables. It could be your best choice if you love the fried Japanese food.

8. Yasai Kaki Age Don RM15.90
Fried Mix Vegetables in Bowl
Loving fried mix vegetables? Don't worry, Sango adds it as one of the lunch set menu selection to satisfy you.

9. Tempura Soba RM18.90
Noodles with Mix Tempura
Tempura Soba is the only noodles set in the lunch set menu. If you prefer to have something light and simple, this could be a good choice. The bowl of noodles comes with fried prawn and vegetables, quite a perfect match.

Sango has created the total of 9 different lunch sets menu to make your lunch meal a simple one.

Sango Bento
Craving sashimi, noodles, grilled salmon and sushi at the same time? Chef has customized Sango Bento which you can have them all in one go!

Tempura Moriawase
I love this Tempura Moriawase. It looks so beautiful in presentation.

Yakitori Omakase
How could you miss the skewers yakitori? They are simply delicious. Grab this as your side dishes to complete your meal, simply perfect.

Sushi Moriawase
I'm so grateful to see the sushi are decorated beautifully on the plate and served.

Sango Japanese Restaurant
Address: Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya, Lorong Utara A, Pjs 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact Number: +603-7958 5228
Business Hours: 12.00pm to 2.30pm ; 6.00pm to 10.30pm

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