Win A Trip to London with Royal Expert Advance Formula Brightening Cream


Do you know that you can win a trip to London with accommodation paid for five days? What you need to do is to purchase one unit of Royal Expert Advance Formula Brightening Cream at any Authorized Dealer/Stockiest. Then, follow the steps mentioned in the image above at 'How to Participate?'. It is as easy as that!

What is Royal Expert Advance Formula Brightening Cream?
It is a facial moisturizer which tends to provide results of brightening and smoothing effect. It contains about 28 types of ingredients added to the advance formula of this brightening cream. It is suitable for men and women at the at range of 25 years old and above. 
Ladies, you should try this out if you are now looking for products which can brighten your skin. Grab one for yourself to try and you will be entitled to participate at the contest to win yourself a great prize. You might win a trip to London, who knows right? =)

The prizes are so attractive and I don't think you will get a miss on this!
Prizes include,
- Flight tickets to London with accommodation paid (5 days)
- Education Allowance - worth RM5000 each. (Total RM15K)
- Smartphones (Samsung S8)
- RM500 AEON Shopping voucher.
- Domestic Holidays Packages.

So be sure that you have met their requirements to complete the contest. If you are below 18 years old, we have to say sorry to you because this contest is only opened for participant who are 18 years old and above. You are entitled for one entry for each of your purchase. To remind those who are joining the contest later, please take note that winners must present their original IC or passport to claim the prize from HQ.

It is so exciting to know that TWO lucky winners will be announced every 2 weeks. ONE lucky grand prize winner will be announced at the end of each month. However, there is also ONE Jackpot winner will be announced at the end of this campaign. The Jackpot refers to the two flight tickets to London with accommodation included!
While joining the contest, I got a super great opportunity for you to kick start your business today with just RM780 only! How?
YEAH! Let's become an OEW Authorized Dealer!

By becoming an OEW Authorized Dealer, you can gain benefits from attending the intensive product knowledge training to master your business skills, OEW will ensure the dealers are equipped with the necessary skills to create impact online presence, and you can be their life-time Authorized Dealer with just one time registration fee. It is so simple, so why not?

If you have any questions, inquiries about OEW Dealership opportunities or if you just want to say hi, either way BUZZ THEM, a quick response is assured; Call +603-5613 5626 or Email

You may keep in touch with Royal Expert at 
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