My Skin Care with Miniel Skinlab


I am so lucky to get the chance to try on the new products of Miniel Skinlab brand. It is always routine for us to hydrate our face skin to prevent dryness. So, this has become my major skin problem recently. There are two products that I am going to review now, 
1. Hydraque Boost Serum 30ml
2. Hydraque Gel Mask 50gram

Hydraque Gel Mask

It is a hydrating gel mask which moisturize the face skin and has the skin healing effect. The design of the bottle is quite a normal size and it is suitable to be carried for travelling too. I love the sea blue color of the packaging. The color of the packaging is just like the color of the ocean which gives me some kinds of refreshing feeling.

This is how the texture looks like, light blue in color. My skin feels cool when I place some on it.

First of all, I clean my face with cleanser first. Then. I apply a little amount over my cleansed face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After that, rinse off with clean water and it's done! My face skin is now feeling so cool after the mask, loving it.

The main ingredients of this hydraque gel mask are kudza root extract and fruits extract. Kudzu extracts have the effect of calming, hydrating, moisturizing and reducing redness and inflammation. The fruits extracts have the effect of exfoliating, moisturizing and promote cell regeneration and powerful antioxidant. It improves oily, acne, dull and aging skin too.

Hydraque Boost Serum

It is a soothing serum which promotes hydration and skin regeneration. It helps to enhance natural skin vitality, achieve youthful skin and soothe & calm the inflammation skin.

After the gel mask application, pump the serum once and massage it gently into the skin. I finish it off with moisturizer.

The overall usage experience is really good. I am falling in love to the cooling effect after application. It's awesomely cool and cold! Enjoying the coolness before sleep is just nice.

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