ID.AZ Mask Review


Here comes my ID.AZ Masks! I am so excited to try these out. I love to look for moisturizing and soothing masks to pamper my face skin. And yet, my friend introduces ID.AZ masks to me. The packaging is pretty nice.

The first mask that I am going to try is Dermatic Bright-Fit Mask. It mentions the word "brightening" on the packaging which attracts my attention. Girls get excited when there is any product which can make our face skin look brighter. This pearl illumination brightening microfiber mask lightens my skin tone immediately after use.  The key ingredients are pearl extract, portulaca Oleracea extract and berry complex. The smell of the mask is nice and the most impressed part is that the piece of mask is so smooth and moisture. I love the texture so much.

As usual, I cleanse my face and apply toner before mask. Peel off the pakacging and apply the mask onto my face, adjusting around eyes and mouth. I leave it on my face for 15-20 minutes because the moisture level of the mask is quite high, so I guess it is good for this timing. After that, remove the mask and gently pat the remaining serum until fully absorbed.

Dermastic water-fit mask is best to restore the water level of the face skin. This tight skinny fit mask enhances adhesion and delivers deep moisturizing ingredients soothing and moisturizing. The key ingredients are seawater, hydrolyzed collagen and sodium hyaluronide.

Dermastic Gold-fit mask is a hydro gel gold mask. I am now having luxury aesthetic gold care experience at home with 99% real gold providing rich nutrients to the skin. The key ingredients consist of gold, honey, propolis, royal jelly and red ginseng.

The blue and silver liner packaging cost RM12.90 each while the gold liner packaging costs RM19.90. All these products are available in selected Watson store in Malaysia. I personally think that it is really worth the price because the moisturizing level of the mask is quite high as it does not dry out so fast during application.

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