Thai Steamboat at Charcoal Thai, NEX Serangoon, Singapore


It is so great that I'm currently hunting for food in Singapore. I have spotted Charcoal Thai at NEX Shopping Complex. I find plenty of mouth-watering dishes which would not fail to satisfy me in every sense. Charcoal Thai brings in the nation's well-known 'steamboat', also known as, 'Mookata' to many. I order their steamboat set during my visit. A standard steamboat set comes with generous heaps of vegetables and golden mushrooms, fresh slices of marinated meat for barbecuing, succulent chicken and fish balls, fresh prawns and more. 

The staff asks me whether I would like to have my soup based in spicy or non-spicy, so I request for spicy one. It supposes to be 'Tom Yum' broth but it tastes more like chili soup. It is real spicy so eat slowly if you do not want your tongue to get 'burned'. And also not to forget the homemade chili dip that goes with the 'Mookata'. I love the most right side one as it tastes sweet and little bit spicy. The center one from the sauce plate, it is made with garlic, nice to dip the meat with it.

Click here - Charcoal Thai MENU for their full menu list. Pricing for Mookata Buffet is from SGD$15 onward. Prices are different for lunch and dinner. 

Charcoal Thai @ NEX

Address: 23, Serangoon Central, NEX, #B1-30/31, 556083 Singapore.
Contact Number: 6288 6260

Kindly visit their official website for full details regarding their shops' location. - Location of Charcoal Thai in SG

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