Sumiya Seafood-Grill-Sake at Suntec City, Singapore


The very first outlet of Sumiya is opened at Orchard Central in 2014. Sumiya has now opened their second outlet at the newly furnished Shopping Mall, Suntec City Mall. Sumiya comes out with a restaurant concept of charcoal-grilled food and Japanese alcoholic beverages. It intends to create an exciting dining experience for customers at their newly opened outlet at Suntec City. 

There are plenty of sitting places around the restaurant. Sumiya has a retro-chic decoration style to give a relaxing ambiance to the visitng customers. Every seats come with cushion where customers can have a very nice sitting area to dine in.

Sumiya is the very first in Singapore to introduce their circular Enomatic sake dispenser. There are different variety of Japanese fermented rice wine inside the dispenser. It is an amazing sake dispenser which I first saw before. There are 16 types of sake in total which are stored in the temperature-controlled dispenser. 

For those who who like to try out different variety of sake, this dispenser is the best choice for you to try out every single choice with the price starting from SGD2.20 only.

Step 1: Apply a postpaid card at the counter.
Step 2: Insert your sake card.
Step 3: Select your preferred sake. Press and hold the button until sake is fully dispensed.
Step 4: Swirl the glass before drinking to enjoy the sake's aroma.

You may choose the portion you preferred - 20ml(tasting), 60ml(half) or 120ml(full). You may always request the service staff to assist you on how to use it.

Seafood are freshly imported almost everyday. They are all well presented in the transparent fridge.

Singapore's First Iron Genshiyaki is now at Sumiya. Irori Genshiyaki is Japan's ancient style of grilling over charcoal flame. Fish on skewers are vertically placed over a charcoal bed and grilled slowly. This ancient method is in fact the best way to enjoy the produce of Mother Earth.

The fish will firstly be dried out in a special fish-drying machine under the heat replicating the warmth of sun rays at 30°C.

Sumiy prides itself on electing quality infredients grilled over charcoal fire for the most original taste. Charcoal fire seats the essence of food, making ts surface crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Infared rays emitted from charcoal distribute heat evenly and retain the natural sweetness of the food. Charcoal's minerals and its smoke are absorbed by the ingredients to enhance the flavour of charcoal-grilled food. At Sumiya, they use an ancient type of seaweed-flavoured sea salt called "Moshio" to enhance the taste of the grills. 

SUMIYA Seafood-Grill-Sake (Suntec City Branch)

Address: 3, Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City North Wing Tower 2, #03-332, 038983 Singapore.
Contact Number: +65 6235 1816
Business Hours: 11.30am to 3.00pm (Lunch) , 5.30pm to 10.00pm (Dinner)
Official Website:

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