Most Popular llao llao Frozen Yogurt at Singapore


llao llao is definitely a must eat dessert in Singapore. llao llao is a frozen yogurt from Spain. The first llao llao shop was opened in Spain in 2009 while Singapore is the first Asia franchise. How do we pronouce 'llao llao'? It is a Spanish word which is pronounced as 'yow-yow'.
I am visiting the llao llao outlet at Bugis+, Singapore. It is located next to the escalator, thus easy to find. The queue is getting longer when it comes to peak hour everyday.

small : SGD$4.90 (with 1 toppings)
medium : SGD$5.90 (with 2 toppings)
large : SGD$6.90 (with 2 toppings)
I got myself a medium cup with the topping of  chocolate crunch, caramelized crunch and white chocolate cream. White chocolate cream topped on top of the frozen yogurt ice-cream are the best match!  
Here comes the second cup of the frozen yogurt with the topping of chocolate cream, white chocolate and Oreo crunch. However, I still prefer white chocolate cream so much.

Attractive Toppings are shown as below images. Select your preferred flavors to highlight your frozen yogurt.

Other than frozen yogurt, there are also smoothies, Sanum, Sensations, Granillao and Pentitllao. Price are not higher than SGD$7, isn't it worth? I think I am gotta to try out every single style for my coming next visit.

llao llao Frozen Yogurt Singapore

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