Can Lazada Make My Wish Comes True?


First of all, I would like to wish Lazada Happy 4th Birthday! In conjunction of celebrating their 4th birthday, Lazada is having a Birthday SALE from 15th until 18th March 2016 which is up to 90% OFF. During their Birthday sale, Lazada is going to make your wish come true with offering you the best prices on your wishlists. Isn't it sound wonderful? 
What's my wish? Erm... It has a lot for me to think of.. However, let's get to see what is offering by Lazada during this Birthday Sale. There is a Flash Sales section where the customers are able to grab the selected items which are involved in this flash sales. The involved items are at a very low price and the quantity for sale is limited only. Thus, don't forget to set your alarm clock in order to not to miss it out from Day 1 until the end. Second, Lazada is giving you a Branded Surprises where those smartphones, tablets, laptops, watches, and etc are come with discounted prices from 5-25% off. Besides, there are also few Partner Offers such as Maybank, UOB, RHB and HSBC which are now collaborated with Lazada to urge more customers to purchase. Finally you can participate in their Jackpot Party to play games and win gift vouchers.
Make a wish! Make a wish! Make a wish!
I wish to have a laptop which I could carry it like carrying my ipad mini. Well, how can a laptop turns to become like a tablet or ipad mini? Carrying a heavy bag due to my heavy laptop has become a trouble to me. It does hurt my shoulder a lot everyday. Now, I have spotted a fantastic thing from Lazada, it is a Microsoft Surface Pro! This product can solve my problem where I do not need to carry my bag like carrying a huge stone anymore. Thank you so much to Lazada that without It, I would really make my wish comes true anyway. I get to enjoy their birthday discount during this period. It is safe to purchase it from Lazada as they have become Microsoft Authorized Seller now. So, you do not need to worry about whether it is genuine or not.

Interested? Click here to get yourself one.

Make a wish again!~ 
I really wish I could do something crazy in my life. And I do really wish the every moment of my craziness can be captured. Where can I get a super high tech camera to make my wish come true? What am I going to prepare before my trip to Japan? Here I visit to Lazada, I don't need to worry on where to get a sporty camera for my preparation to Japan anymore. Lazada is always my best choice to search for anything I want.
GoPro is always my wish to own it! It is easy and convenient to bring around! I believe that it can bring lots of happiness during my trip soon. There are plenty of choices  can be selected based on your preference at here.
Once I get to snap a lot of memorable pictures, I wish to print it out to store it at somewhere else. Well, it could be the best idea to print all my lovely pictures onto a photobook! I am shocked when I saw Lazada is offering a 6" x 6" mini square softcover photobook at as low as RM1 only. What a big deal! 
I wish I can buy my make up removal without stepping out from my house. I wish I can choose my favorite dress without visiting every single shops out there. I wish I can restock my masks without going to Guardian.
Let see what I have found! Lazada provides a shopping experience for me to shop on my favorite products without visiting to the shops at all. Thousands of products which are available from the shops are now available too in Lazada. Shop more at Lazada! You will not regret!

Always visit to enjoy your shopping! Lazada is the leading online shopping mall in Malaysia now!
This post is an entry for the InvolveAsia x Lazada MY blogger contest. Cash and Lazada voucher sponsored by Lazada Malaysia and shopcoupons.

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