Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe at Aljunied, Singapore


If you are one of the Thai food fan, Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe will definitely be one of your best choice to look for authentic Thai food. The founder, Ron Poh, has come out with the idea of using charcoal for preparing the soup and steamed dishes in order to maintain the heat consistency and the quality of the food. 

Cat Fish Lemon - SGD$35.00
A very impressive dish is now served on my table, Cat Fish Lemon. The soup of the dish comes with the combination of sweet and sour taste  over a hot charcoal pot where the heat of the dish is maintained during our meal. The meat of the cat fish is tender and fresh as well. 
BBQ Pork Neck - SGD$12.00
The BBQ Pork Neck tastes fantastic! It is cooked well with charsiew sauce coated on it. This is one of favorite dish among all. A must try dish when you visit Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe.
Fried Rice Crab for 4 pax - SGD$24.00
The rice is fried with lump crab meat and eggs. Basically, it tastes very good as the crab meat makes the fried rice smells good. The sweetness of the crab meat combined with the rice are probably the perfect match.
Chicken Basil - SGD$10.00
Chicken Basil is cooked with Basil leaves. Basically it does not come with a very strong taste and smell of the Basil leaves. This dish could be very spicy but of course we have told the chef to reduce the spiciness, so it is not so spicy after all.
Cha0m Omelette - SGD$10.00
It is a fried omelette with Thai dill. You may order this if you are pretty love omelette very much. The chef of Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe presents a fried omelette to be mixed with Thai dill. A very good combination of them as Thai dill does not have any smell on the dish.
LaLa BeeHoon - SGD$18.00
I have to warn you first, this dish is quite spicy. However, I pretty love it very much. Its spiciness is actually come from the pepper, the dish is cooked just nice with the tasty peppery soup.
Fried Sotong - SGD$20.00
Sotong is deeply fried. It is very crispy when chewing. It is a common dish to be ordered when you visit any of the restaurants. The sotong is fresh and big in size, basically it is worth to have it.
Hommok (Otah) - SGD$18.00
Hommok Otah is served in a coconut with coconut bits. It comes with few pieces of prawns in it. Good to eat together with rice as well.
Grispy Kangkong - SGD$10.00
Kangkong is being deeply fried until crispy. I super like the crispiness of this Grispy Kankong. This is one of the popular Thai finger food in Thailand, thus this could be your must try food once you are entering a Thai restaurant.

Spicy Thai-Thai Cafe
Address: Blk 115, Aljunied Ave 2, #01-35, 380115 Singapore.
Contact No: +65 6747 8558

Tips on how to get there: Take MRT to Aljunied MRT Station. Then, walk along the pedestrian till the end (shoplots are on your right) and turn left. Walk straight until the end and search for Blk 115 will do.

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