Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant, Singapore


Mango Sour Chicken
Am walking along Bugis Street and wondering what to have for my dinner. And yet, the name of this restaurant attracts my attention. It's Maggie Thai Restaurant. I have no idea whether there is any relation in between maggie and Thai cuisine. Well, I decide to give a try on it. I visit here at around 7.30pm and the shop is almost full of guests. However, I still manage to grab a seat for myself.

Thai food is always my favorite cuisines. The menu is so attractive to me so I order the Mango Sour Chicken. This is quite similar to Hakka style chicken. It is really quite a big portion where it is small portion which I have ordered. I guess it could be shared for 3 persons.
Honey Baby Squid - SGD15, Medium
The second dish is the Honey Baby Squid. It's my boy's favorite so he orders this with medium size. We don't really know how big the portion is. And when the dish comes, it really surprises us. The portion is so so big for 2 persons! OMG!
Stir-Fried Pea Shoot - SGD8, Small
Here comes the dish of vegetables. I select my favorite stir-fried pea shoot. The vege is crunchy and juicy. Again, the portion is big and I think it is best for 3-4 persons.
Tom Yum Soup - SGD6, Small
Finally, it's my super favorite tom yum soup. The soup tastes good and spicy. Tom Yum Soup is a must to eat when you visit Thai restaurant! I spot Thai Shark's Fin Soup in the menu which sounds great. I would definitely visit here again to try this out!

Maggie Thai & Chinese Restaurant
Address: (Main Outlet)1 Liang Seah Street, #01-01/02, Singapore 189022

Do visit their officcial website for more details.

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