OneDeLand 又一城 at Equine Park, Seri Kembangan (KL)


Hong Kong Curry Fish Ball with Mantau
The curry soup comes together with fish balls. Dip the fried mantau with the curry soup is the best way to eat. I personally love the fried mantau so much, it is crispy from the outside and softy at the inside.

Pandan Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken
The rendang is uniquely created by OneDeLand. Once I am testing on this, I can actually differentiate that the taste of the rendang chicken is not same with the one we normally have out there. Thus, it is special and tastes very good!

Pandan Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Whole Leg
This nasi lemak set comes with a big size of fried chicken whole leg which tastes crispy and fresh. This is definitely a good choice to lighten up your lunch meal if you are looking for a simple meal.

Twin Sauce Baked (Rice or Spaghetti)
Chicken | Pork | Beef | Fish
RM13 | RM14 | RM15 | RM18
Twin Sauce Baked Spaghetti is the dish which I like the most. I love the twin sauce topped on the spaghetti because the sauce is just nice to mix with the spaghetti itself. Furthermore, there are four different kind of meat that I can select for this dish such as chicken, pork, beef or fish.

Roasted BBQ Honey Pork Spare Rib
Roasted BBQ Honey Pork Spare Rib is served with lots of fries. It is best to have when you come with your buddies for chilling at here. The sweetness of the roasted BBQ honey is able to sweet you up and made your day a wonderful one.

Hong Kong Cheese Baked Rice
Chicken | Pork | Beef | Fish
RM16 | RM17 | RM18 | RM19
Do you love baked rice? I do love it so much and whenever I want to eat baked rice, I would definitely visit here. There are four different kind of meat that you can select for this dish; chicken, pork, beef or fish. Its specialty is that there are three sauces which I can choose to add on; mushroom sauce, white sauce or red sauce.

Stir Fried Egg Sauce Ho Fan (Seafood)
Pork | Beef | Seafood
RM14 | RM15 | RM16
Looking for a simple meal after all? Stir Fried Egg Sauce Ho Fan with seafood would be just nice to have. You can actually enjoy a simple meal with the comfortable environment at One De Land.

Nyonya Curry Noodles
Chicken Chop | Seafood | Pork Chop
RM14 | RM15 | RM16
The one I am having now is nyonya curry noodles with seafood. I like the curry soup itself because it is well cooked and tastes very good.

Overall, the food at One De Land is pretty good. I do not wish to overrate it but would recommend you to come to grab your meal at here if you are looking for good Hong Kong dishes. One De Land is definitely a great place to fix your taste bud.

There are 3 outlets of One De Land Restaurant in Malaysia. The outlet that I have been visiting is at Equine Park, Seri Kembangan. For your information, there are two more outlets to be coming soon and the locations are Cheras Leisure Mall and Melaka.

Outlet 1: OneDeLand 又一城 @ Equine Park, Seri Kembangan
Address: F-1-G, Block F, Putra Walk, Jalan PP25, Bandar Putra Permai, Sek 2, Seri Kembangan, 43300 Selangor.
Contact Number: 03-9543 7365
Business Hours: 10am - 12am (Sunday to Thursday) , 10am - 1am (Friday to Saturday)

Outlet 2: OneDeLand 又一城 @ Auto-City, Penang
Address: 1808-1809C, Jalan Perusahaan Auto-City, North-South Highway Juru Interchange, 13600 Prai, Penang.
Contact Number: 04-504 0950
Business Hours: 10.30am - 12am (Sunday to Thursday) , 10.30 - 1am (Friday to Saturday)

Outlet 3: OneDeLand 又一城 @ e-Gate, Penang
Address: Block 1-01-10, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 2, 11700 Gelugor, Penang.
Contact Number: 04-657 4296
Business Hours: 11am - 11pm (Monday to Thursday, Sunday) , 11am - 12.30am (Friday to Saturday)

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