Slimmed Your Lower Body Part with Jonlivia Hotpants S+


I have recently been introduced with the Jonlivia Hot pants S+. Good stuff must to be shared around. So, here's my write up on my experience with Jonlivia hot pants. Jonlivia hotpants is co-founded by Jon and Olivia, it's pretty cool that the business is named with the combination of both their nicknames. The hot pants are made in Taiwan and its material consists of 85% genuine Neoprene and 15%Nylon.
Jonlivia™ Hotpants S+
S+ means for extra softness, stretch-ability, slimming and sweating features.

The Hot pant S+ has a very soft material which it is super comfort to be worn. Come to say about its stretch-ability, I would say that it is highly flexible and stretchable. The hot pants are able to present a slimming and sweating functionality where the hot pants possess wonderful design of shape and after wearing it on, you can feel the sweat on your lower part of your body.
I am trying the hot pants and how stretchable it is. Once I wear it on, I can feel the sweat on my lower body part even though I have not started any activities yet. It is good for blood circulation purpose if you are sweating by wearing the hot pants. I have tried few stretching postures to test its stretch-ability. Function of stretch-ability is very important on my beauty garments because a stretchable clothing brings me happiness with comfort. 

The hot pants come at the correct timing that I need it to slim down my hips. For girls out there, if you are having intention to get yourself slim down, this is probably the healthier way to go for.

If you have interest to know more or if you want to purchase, always feel free to check it out at:
Instagram: @jonlivia

Contact Number: +6016-263 4410

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